Notes for making JMF work with Intellij

  1. Download jmf2.1.1e from
  2. Install jmf2.1.1e by running the executable (the software will make any necessary modification to CLASSPATH and PATH so any directory location should be usable).
  3. Start IntelliJ and open up the settings window.
  4. Under the IDE Settings click on JDK & Global Libraries.
  5. With the Classpath Tab selected click on ADD.
  6. Go to the location were the jmf2.1.1e\lib directory is located.
  7. Select the jar files by holding the ctrl key down and left mouse clicking on each jar file.
  8. Click OK when done selecting the jar files.
  9. The path to the jar files should now be listed under the Classpath Tab.
  10. Click OK to exit out of the window
  11. Close the Settings window.