Image Processing

An excellent (but dated) book on image processing is [Gonzalez et al.]. The examples are in FORTRAN and they violate most of the modern standards of good programming practice.

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Audio coverage.

In the 26 books listed below, none addresses the central issue of decoding and encoding audio streams. This mean that the only thing a reader can do with the information in the books reviewed is play audio to the speaker.

They cannot: Synthesize their owns sounds, Process existing, write sounds to a file, read or display sounds.

[Linden] is the only exception. He does not decode the audiostream. He does reverse it to permit the reversing of an audio clip. I have contacted Peter van der Linden. He did not know of sun's plans for the future of audio in java. Peter works at sun. Audio does not appear to be a high-priority item for the java team. I contacted the author of the software which Peter used in his book. He indicated that the decoding of the audio could be done, but has not. I have written my own CODEC's for u-law files, in java.

[Espeset ] has information which allows the reader to play sounds. It covers sound in 10 pages.

[Chan and Lee] has 5 pages on audio (2 on clips and 3 on applets). It tells you how to play audio.

[Linden] It is the only book in print which shows how to do something other than play audio files straight from disk. This book shows how to reverse and play audio. 6 pages total.

[Campione and Walwalrath] has 3 pages on playing audio clips.

[Deitel and Deitel] has 7 pages on playing audio clips.

[Anuff] has 7 pages on playing audio clips. This books also puts a graphic user interface for audio manipulation, letting you push a button to play the clip.

[Pew] Focus on GUI and audio. Plays audio clips using a button and with text. 12 pages (including a 2 page code example in the back of the book).

[Gosling et al.] and [Arnold and Gosling] have no mention of audio. They are pure language descriptions.

[Winston] Does not menion audio. It does have a nice picture of a sax on the cover, go figure.

[Walnum] Covers playing audio clips in 5 pages.

[Tyma et al.] Two pages on playing audio clips with a paragraph in the back of the book.

[Lea et al.] 7 pages on playing audio clips. This deal with localization of audio using VRML extensions in the VRML.node package. Unique, but very VRML oriented.

[Vanderberg] has of playing audio clips. Also has introduction to digitization. 8 pages total coverage.

[Wutka et al.] 9 pages on playing audio on demand. An interesting approach to audio clip management.

[Geary and McClellan] This book does not cover audio. It is a pure graphics book.

[Newman et al.] 5 pages on playing audio clips.

[Lemay and Perkins] 3 pages on playing audio clips.

[Lea] Does not mention audio. It is a pure concurrency book.

[Perry] covers audio clip playing and also shows how to play random clips. 10 pages of coverage

[Ritchey] has 2 pages on loading and playing sound files.

[Jackson and McClellan] and [Daconta] have nothing on sound or audio clips.

[Nagaratnam et al.] has 5 pages on playing audio clips.

[Fraizer and Bond] has 5 pages on playing audio clips.

[Cornell and Horstmann] has 4 pages on playing audio clips.

Regarding the image processing content of our book relative to the books reviewed: None shows how to obtain a FFT in Java. None shows how to write an image file out to disk. Some image processing functions are shown in a few of the books. Most show how to display images using the AWT.

[Espeset] and [Pew] have very similar coverage of the image filter class. Neither appears to have drawn on any of the traditional literature of the field. Neither takes the traditional approach of Digital Filter for imaging. Their algorithms for digital image processing appear ad-hoc and do not address low-pass filtering or any transform theory.

[Nagaratnam et al.] mentions the HSB color model. This book also covers a small filter application that can invert a color map and perform a horizontal inversion.

[Geary and McClellan] show how to bleach an image.

[Vanderburg] has 30 pages on color models and filters.

[Pew] has 20 pages on image applets. He covers slanting, rotation (in 2 D) mirror, blurring, embossing, and wave displacement. There are no matrix transformations here. Negation, scaling and croping are shown.

[Espeset] has a chapter on image processing in java. He covers blurring, wave displacement, spiral transformations, brightening, and rotation. The image warping is 2D. There are no matrix transforms. We found 50 pages of coverage on the warping topic.

[Linden] shows how to load and draw images. He gives 27 pages of coverage.

[Chan and Lee] have an image filter example which shows how to flip an image. There are 4 pages of coverage.

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